During breast development, malformations may occur. There is whole range of different shapes and forms. We are here to help you to achieve a natural breast shape, using proven techniques.



The tubular or tuberous breast deformity (colloquially known as the trunk or tube breast) is a congenital malformation that has distinctive features. The treatment option differs based on the varying degrees of severity.


Based on our many years of experience with a focus on reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery, we will provide you with the recommendations for surgical correction, in order to achieve the optimal shape and size which is harmonious and symmetrical for both breasts.



The funnel chest (or pectus excavatum) is a funnel shaped depression of the centre of the chest (the breast bone or sternum) which has developed from birth. In addition to the psychological burden of the apparent deformity, it can also cause pain which limits the quality of life.


Depending on the severity of the depression, different options for treatment are available. One option is the surgical procedure called the Nuss technique, usually performed by the cardio-thoracic surgeons.  A metal bracket is introduced between ribs and sternum to compensate for the deformity.


Alternatively, a custom-made silicone implant can be used or with a milder version of the funnel chest, the volume deficit can be filled with fat injections.

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Poland syndrome is a rare congenital malformation of the breast. This leads to a malformation of nipple, mammary gland and the underlying chest muscles. Depending on the severity of the malformation, different types of reconstruction are possible. Mild asymmetries and volume deficits can be corrected by fat injections. In more pronounced Poland syndrome, the reconstruction options range from the use of a tissue expander implant, to free tissue transfer, i.e. the use of microsurgical techniques to move tissue from region of the body to the chest area to correct the defect. 

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Enlargement of the male breast is a common occurrence. However, sudden enlargement or discovery of a lump in the male breast requires careful investigations. We offer you a holistic assessment and therapy for any male breast enlargement.


In most cases, the cause is a benign growth of fatty tissue, with or without benign development breast glandular tissue. These changes can result in discomfort, pain or self-consciousness of one’s appearance.


The treatment depends on the severity and skin elasticity. With simple increase in the volume of fatty tissue, the treatment of choice is liposuction. In the presence of glandular breast tissue, liposuction is combined with the surgical removal of the glandular tissue. If there is a resulting excess of skin, removal of the excess skin or tightening can take place in the same session.

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