Unfortunately, there are many patients who are emotionally and sometimes physically devastated by previous breast surgery. These patients require a thorough, careful, thoughtful, and technically exacting approach. Oftentimes scarring and tissue damage from each surgery can make it ever more difficult to achieve an ideal result.


Over the years we have gained a significant experience in corrective surgery after previous breast reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery. As plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeons with a focus on breast, we have the full armentarium to address even the most complex situation.


Example concepts of revisionary problems and solutions.



Large implant with capsular contracture – En bloc removal of implant combined with breast lift and lipofilling.


Severe drop of implant - Change of type of implant, plane of implant position, lower pole mesh fixation and cleavage lipofilling.



Severe capsular contracture after mastectomy, implant reconstruction and radiotherapy in a slim patient – removal of implant and capsule, reposition of pectoralis muscle, reconstruction by gluteal free tissue transfer (SGAP flap).


Failed own tissue reconstruction from thigh with previous multiple abdominal surgery – secondary reconstruction by bipendicular DIEP flap combined with lipofilling.

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